Get reel and become a producer
Pocket Peer gives you the power to quickly RECORD your VOICE, your VIDEO, your GRAFFITI over imported photos or videos and Pocket Peer magically fuses everything into a seamless VIDEO. We call those REELS around here.


Use features of Pocket Peer
to capture video and pictures,
import existing video or pictures,
record sound or add graffiti to
create a FRAME.

make a


Push REELIZE to fuse your
FRAMES into your final REEL and
it will export to your camera roll.

become a


Do you have more to say than can
be expressed in a few characters or
seconds? We know you do! It’s time
to start producing your own REELS.

post REEL in the


Share your REEL online!
Push the ACADEMY button to fuse
your FRAMES into your final REEL
and it will post to the ACADEMY!



Get inspired by another
producer's REEL and REELIZE
your own genius!

join your


Express, share and learn from
each other... join your PEERS.
Don’t be left behind, add your
voice to the uproar!